Chanelle Sladics



Birthdate 11/17/1984
Hometown Newport Beach, CA
Resides San Diego, CA & Breckenridge, CO
Height 5’4”


• 2009 Hosted MTV2’s: Skills and Thrills: Alli’s All-Star
• 2009 Hosted MTV2’s: True Players: Alli Athletes To Watch
• 2009 Top 10 TTR World Tour
• 2009 Best Trick Women’s Slopestyle
• 2009 3rd Place US Open Slopestyle Stratton, VT
• 2009 1st Place Kristi Leskinen Invitational Slopestyle Jam, Seven Springs, PA
• 2009 1st Place Asian Open Alts Bandai, Japan
• 2009 4th Place Dew Tour Overall Women’s Slopestyle
• 2009 4th Place Dew Tour Northstar Slopestyle
• 2009 3rd Place Dew Tour Mount Snow, VT Slopestyle
• 2009 2nd Place Dew Tour Breckenridge, CO Rail Jam
• 2009 Jones Soda Flavor Cover (200,000 cases nationwide per
• 2009 Co-hosting Oakley Rep Tour for Fuel TV
• 2009 KICKER Audio Hot Pink Signature Earbuds (launched with Best Buy, Target, and Walmart)
• 2009 Michelob Ultra Advertial in Women’s Health Magazine
• 2008 Daily Habit for Fuel TV
• 2008 3rd Place Supergirl Railjam
• 2008 2nd Place Roxy Chicken Jam Slopestyle
• 2008 3rd Place Vans Tahoe Cup Slopestyle
• 2008 First Cover Shot with Best Mag
• 2008 Video Part with Oakley Uniquely Video (Distribution over 1,000,000 copies)
• 2008 Video Part with Runway Films (all women’s film)
• 2007 Bronze Medal X-Games Women’s Slopestyle
• 2007 Video Part in Float Films (cover mounted 300,000 copies Internationally)
• 2007 1st Boardfest Place Triple Threat Event (1st Snow, 1st Skate, 4th Surf)
• 2007 1st Boardfest Place Rail Jam
• 2006 One of the faces endorsing Campbell’s Soup at Hand
• 2006 2nd Place Abominable Snowjam Slopestyle
• 2006 4th Honda Session Rail Jam
• 2006 1st Boardfest Rail Jam
• 2005 3rd Place Abominable Snowjam Styleslope
• 2005 2nd Grand Prix Mt. Bachelor Slopestyle
• 2004 1st Place Queen of the Mountain Rail Jam
• 2004 2nd Place Queen of the Mountain Slopestyle
• 2004 3rd Place MTV Triple Threat International Competition


Born and raised in Newport Beach, California, Chanelle was born looking for trouble. She started skateboarding and waterskiing at the age of 2 ½, began soccer and swim team at 4 and roller hockey at 7. Her dare devil ways did not come without consequence though. By the age of 12 she had already broken 7 bones and barely-avoided amputation, not to mention the plethora of stitches and bruises. Always looking for ways to challenge herself, she took on virtually any sport available to her including skateboarding, snow skiing, waterskiing, soccer, basketball, roller hockey, softball, and karate.

After recovering from a 2-year injury, she decided to put her skate skills to the test and finally learned how to snowboard. She used her birthday money to sign up for lessons at the local mountains. She skipped her 3rd lesson because she was scouted by a brand that paid her entry fee for her slopestyle pro/am event. Taking 2nd place and walking home with loads of gear, she withdrew from club soccer and joined USASA the following season.

Chanelle became the queen weekend-warrior of So Cal at Big Bear Mountain - slowly climbing the ranks in USASA, finally winning her a gold medal at the Junior World Championships in New Zealand and earning her a spot at the X Games.

In 2004, Chanelle was given her first big break on MTV’s extreme sports feature show, “The Triple Threat.” With her participation on the show, she competed in a surf, snow, skate competitions around the world with respected athletes like Shaun White, Hannah Teter, Todd Richards, Brad Gurlach, etc.

Fast-forwarding to 2007, where Chanelle took a Bronze Medal home in the Winter X Games slopestyle competition, she proved herself a worthy opponent.

Chanelle has quickly become a familiar face on the podium as well as in the magazines. When not competing, she spends her season filming around the world with Oakley’s Women’s Uniquely Film, starring as the only multi-discipline athlete (1 million plus in distribution).

She is a quintessential So Cal girl, with a soul as deep as the ocean. In her free time Chanelle loves to do yoga, remodel her house, cook food from her veggie garden, take photos and dance !!!

Chanelle aspires to be a role model for a healthy active lifestyle who is conscious about her global footprint and comfortably in tune with her feminine energy.

In the summer of 2010, Chanelle completed her 200 hours of Yogaworks Teacher Training to become a certified Yoga instructor. Chanelle plans on utilizing her new title and skills to promote wellness and to integrate strength and flexibility to other athletes as well as incorporate into her own snowboarding.

In July of 2010, Chanelle organized with her “One Life” team members, a Greenhouse build for a local Bartilooche School. They partnered with “Keep-A-Breast” and “My Little Footprint” to cultivate a Greenhouse from recycled plastic bottles and bamboo from the SASS compound. After it was complete, they donated the Greenhouse to a local school to help educate them on gardening and green practices.

Photos by Chanelle: