Grete Eliassen



Birthdate 9/19/86
Hometown Norway/Minnesota
Resides Salt Lake City, UT
Height 5’10”


• 2010, Winter X Games, Slopestyle, 3rd Place
• 2009, Winter X Games, Slopestyle, 2nd Place
• 2009 Dew Tour (Mount. Snow), Slopestyle, 2nd Place
• 2009, Homecoming “Kristi Leskinen Invitational”, Slopestyle, 2nd Place
• 2009, Dew Tour, Slopestyle, 4th Place
• 2009, Dew Tour, Slopestyle, 4th Overall
• 2007, European Open, Halfpipe, 1st Place
• 2007, Nippon Freeskiing Open, Halfpipe, 1st Place
• 2007, US Freeskiing Open, Halfpipe, 1st Place
• 2007, Winter X Games, Halfpipe, 2nd Place
• 2007, Crowned Ullr Girl, Whistler, B.C.
• 2006, Winter X Games, Halfpipe, 1st Place
• 2006, US Open, Halfpipe, 1st Place
• 2005, Winter X Games, Halfpipe, 1st Place
• 2005, US Open, Halfpipe, 1st Place
• 2005, Gravity Games Rail Jam, 1st Place
• 2005 Jibbasic Pro Invite Rail Jam, 1st Place
• 2005, World F.I.S Halfpipe Championships, 3rd Place
• 2005, Gravity Games, Halfpipe, 3rd Place
• 2005, Jon Olsson Invitational, 1st Place
• 2004, US Open, Halfpipe, 1st Place
• 2004 Jaba Rail Jam, 1st Place
• 2004, Snowjam International Competition, 1st Place
• 2003, Overall Rip Curl Freeski Event, 1st Place
• 2003, FIS Junior World Championships, Super G, 1st Place
• 2003, European Junior Olympics, Slalom, 3rd Place


Grete was born in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

Having a mother from the Midwest and Norwegian father, Grete grew up speaking both English and Norwegian. Looking for more excitement at the tender age of 2, Grete quickly found it in skiing.

For the first 5 years of her life, Grete lived in Minnesota, skiing some of North America’s finest mountains. With a brief 1-year stint living in a small town in Norway, Grete and her family moved back to the lakeshores of Lake Superior. Upon her return, Grete became involved in several different sports: hockey, soccer, basketball, tennis, water-skiing, little-league as well as cross-country skiing and alpine skiing.

At the age of 13, Grete’s family, moved back to Norway – this time, to Lillehammer. Having already begun her skiing career back in Minnesota, she decided to continue on in Norway. After only a year, Grete was named the Norwegian SL National Champion.

Soon thereafter, Grete was selected to join the Norwegian Ski Team, where she stayed for 2 two seasons. At the age of 16, Grete won the Super-G at Junior Worlds in France and placed third in Slalom at the European Junior Olympics in Slovenia. After a few more years of competition, Grete realized that racing was not the type of skiing she ultimately was satisfied with. Even though her career in racing was rather strong - positioning herself at the top of her age-group in nearly every event - she had a longing to be free.

Grete soon found her love of freeskiing. Her first year of freestyle competition went very well, taking first place in both the Rip Curl Freeski and the US Open. Since her debut as a freeskier, Grete has won the U.S. Open four times, as well as capturing two gold and silver medals at the Winter X Games. She is the only female skier to have medaled in both the first Halfpipe and Slopestyle X Games events.

Additionally, Grete championed of all open events in the very same year: US Open, European Open and the Nippon Open.

In April 2010, Grete achieved the Hip Jump World Record. She reached speeds of 60 miles an hour downhill, hit the custom 30 foot “hip” feature and soared more than 31 feet in the air. No woman has ever come close to reaching this height on skis.

close to reaching this height on skis.

Grete set out on the ambitious two year project that spanned from Fall 2008 until Spring 2010, “Say My Name”. Along the same vein of past signature Red Bull films, Grete also recruited some of her friends to help along the way.

Grete now resides in Salt Lake City, Utah where she attends the University of Utah. Grete is currently working towards obtaining her B.S. in Business Management.

Grete is always looking for ways to make her mark and change the world of skiing, as women know it.

Photos by Grete: