Holga cameras are know for a variety of characteristic effects: vignetting, soft focus, light flares and ethereal scenes. Each of these effects are desirable, and produce a one of a kind, unique image.

However, blurry and shaky images can prevent you from achieving that perfect shot you were hoping for. Eliminating unwanted ‘shaky’ photos can greatly improve focus on your subject, and will result in sharper images. What are some ways to prevent blurred images?

First, if possible, try resting your Holga on a steady object. Fill up a plastic bag with sand rest the camera on it. You can adjust the height and angle by pushing around the sand.

Sometimes clicking the shutter can cause the camera to shift, so you might also consider using a shutter release cable. This cable allows you to trigger the shutter without touching the camera.

Finally, consider a small tripod or, a gorillapod. These are small enough to carry around, and will greatly enhance the sharpness of your photos.

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